Adding Sunrise and Sunset to Google or Apple Calendar!

Every professional photographer knows how important sun timing is to get the best photos no matter what the occasion. There are a lot of ways to look up sunrise and sunset times so that clients can be scheduled at just the right time to get the most out of every session. One can simply do a search for the sunrise and sunset times of a certain day but that is generally done one day at a time and can be tedious. One can get an app that they can reference from their phone when scheduling but that is tedious, takes up room on your phone, and adds another app to the app drawer that just isn’t necessary. In my opinion, the best way to always know when to plan for outdoor shoots is to add sunrise and sunset times into your Google or Apple calendar! If you want your calendar to look like mine, with sunrise and sunset each day, simply follow these instructions.

Visit, create an account (it is free), select the ‘Sun’ calendar (notice there are a lot of fun calendars to pick from), setup location, select sunrise and sunset under ‘events’. Set time period, event titles however you like, and select your calendar color. When you are done, just save, and add it to your calendar by copying the link to the calendar and adding it to your existing calendar as a subscription. It took me less time to set up this calendar than it did for me to type this out! So go get it!

Thank You

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