Studio Expansion & Female Portraits

I could write about so many things I am enjoying right now about photography – incredibly talented seniors have filled the schedule, families have been very enjoyable this year, weddings have been better than ever, and The Paisley Pod ( and Code:M Design continue to shoot every Monday. I would like to specifically talk about two things that have really filled my bucket.

Studio Expansion. After only 6 months in business the photography and videography studio is expanding. We are doubling in square footage and bringing on additional members. Read more under Studio 1912. Pictures of the additional space and all the fun new furniture and decor to come.

Female portraits. Working with females that are passionate about being on the other end of the lens has led to a lot of fun and creatively rewarding work. I’ve really gotten to know a lot of great people and gotten to relax, take photos, and enjoy time behind the lens thanks to these talented individuals. I wish I could post a photo of every single one of these ladies but I have to start and end somewhere!


Updates! (Studio, Spring, Boutiques, Beautiful Models, Beautiful Families, Beautiful Couples, Outerspace, and DRONES!)

What can I say that I didn’t put in the title of this one? I could say “pandemic” but we have heard that enough. I am going to stay focused on photography starting with this beautiful new studio space. For more information follow the link to the Studio 1912 page created recently. It was a studio that went from an idea on paper to full inception in only 2 months!

The rest of the updates are focused around people and landscapes. Beautiful boutique friends, beautiful model friends, beautiful couples tying the knot in difficult times, working myself hard in the gym thanks to Profile by Sanford, looking at the moon, and a TON of fun with drones!


How is your Winter going?

Hey, everyone! How is your winter going? It has been a beautiful season so far for photography.

Most of my time during the winter has been spent taking photos at the “readily available” locations when unique weather has presented. Because I am not a full time photographer I am at the mercy of the weather when I find free time.

Everything you see has been taken in local South Dakota locations, especially those available in the beautiful city of Sioux Falls but there are a few from Black Hills in Western South Dakota..

Thanks for visiting. In the near future you will find some behind the scenes and “how to” of my images and I look forward to hearing from you on what you are most interested in!



First of all, thank you to everyone who follows along and shares their feedback and comments. Photography is not nearly as rewarding without people to share it with. This summer has been rewarding and insanely busy. Here is just a peak at some of the stuff I have been working on over the last couple months!

Weddings and senior photos have been in high-demand and I’ve enjoyed every minute of these people and places.

To all of those that trust me in these intimate settings to take your photo and capture your moments, I want to say a sincere thank you for letting me do this for you.

The Paisley Pod, one of my favorite and longest running relationships in friendship and in photography, has been working hard. Opening a storefront this year and bringing in new styles of clothing through the season.

When you hear Code:M Design think concerts and people photography. It is what I do, what I practice, and what I want to perfect. Lots of great new opportunities to photograph music artists this season and lots of opportunities for business and fun portraits. I am blessed.

Sioux Falls has some of the most unique architecture and art downtown of any city I have ever seen. The “Arc of Dreams”, one of the best of the art downtown. It is a massive structure going across the river but separated in the middle. I had been wanting to photograph it for quite some time and knew two things; it had to be a completely unique (arguably impossibly difficult) and it had to be a long exposure. It took some great relationships and just the right timing.

Code:M Design is very excited to announce full videography services using 4K mirrorless devices. Please check out my videography section more examples and updates.

Last but not least, I have to thank my son, my daughter, and my wife for letting me do what I love to do. I get to see them a lot less because of how busy I am but they are so supportive and loving.


Experiencing Wyoming Wind

This summer I had the distinct honor of joining Chancey Williams and The Younger Brothers Band in Wyoming for a promotional photoshoot for the band. Visit them at and check out their music. Best group of people I know; Chancey, Brooke, Jay Lee, Travis, and Wyatt!

It wouldn’t have been a trip to Wyoming if I didn’t take the truck off roading for some fun photography of course!

Thanks for looking and please email or call if you need anything!


When it has been a minute…

If you don’t get into the habit of posting and it has been a minute then you end up having a BUNCH to post at one time! July and August has been about lake life and a short trip to Annandale, Minnesota as well as beautiful female portraits, senior photos, fun landscapes, Rob Zombie in concert, The Paisley Pod, Sister Hazel in concert, farming events, and KEITH URBAN in concert!

If you visit me every so often or very often, then you know that variety is the name of the game!


What Have You Been Up To?

What a busy July it has been. Epic weddings, amazing concerts including Mitchell TenPenny and Portugal. The Man, The Paisley Pod, and some really fun landscape explores. For weddings we have stormed 50 yard lines during championship football games, shot amazing streamer fireworks, and we have been to Air Madness for some trampoline and obstacle course action – could it be any more fun?

Cheers to fun, cheers to adventure, and cheers to new and old friends!


Get Out There: Black Hills 2019

What an amazing trip in the month of May to The Black Hills of South Dakota. I was expecting some warmer temps and beautiful sunrises/sunsets as we all welcomed Spring into the area… that was not the case. My buddy Bryan (Raskal Photography) and I got to see it all from a weather standpoint. Intense, dense fog followed by ice showers and snow. Spring showed more as we took some long exposure near Spearfish Falls and Roughlock Falls. The clouds never left our ceiling the entire trip but photography is an opportunistic art and you have to make the very best of whatever conditions you are given. So, from long exposures to panoramic images, tilt-shift photography, and still images where visibility was incredibly limited, these were some of the highlights of the trip.


Some Experiences are Worth Blogging About: Devil’s Tower

Last summer, Raskal Photography (more information on him in the partnership’s section) took a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. These trips have become an annual thing as Bryan and I have progressed more and more into the professional photographers that we are now. There was a night in particular that has really stood out. I have never considered myself an astrophotographer and even some of the most basic techniques have been foreign to me. This is mostly because of limited experience and opportunities. I always say that photography is an opportunistic art. Light pollution where I live, being a busy family man, and so many other factors have contributed to my limited experience. One night can change so much. Under perfect conditions (clear sky, warm temperatures, no moon), Bryan and I hiked around Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. We weren’t hiking for the exercise, we were exploring where we were anticipating the best angles would be for night photography later.

Once nightfall came it was literally time to learn by doing. I rotated through settings on my camera, adjusting really only my shutter to see how much exposure time I needed before I started to see the stars that my own eye couldn’t. As the night progressed, we noticed the Milky Way begin to appear from our right. Over the next two hours (don’t worry, we had good beer) it made its way upwards towards Devil’s Tower. I am now confident in my ability to anticipate timing of stars and the galaxy, I am comfortable with the settings to capture this amazing opportunity in photography, and I am appreciative of what is in our night sky.