Modern Throwback: A 1970’s Styled Photo Shoot

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Leslie Kinross-Wright and Jeena Metzger in a colorful 1970’s inspired photo shoot at Studio 1912. The shoot was filled with bright colors, funky outfits, and an unreal energy. This is Sioux Falls Photography.

Leslie and Jeena brought their A-game to the shoot, donning sparkly outfits and retro hairstyles. They were both incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, making my job as the photographer easy and enjoyable. We experimented with different poses and props, using vintage record players and bright, geometric backdrops to add to the groovy feel of the shoot.

The energy in the studio was contagious, and we all had a blast as we captured some amazing shots. Leslie and Jeena’s infectious personalities and willingness to take risks helped us to create truly unique and memorable photos.

As a photographer, it’s always exciting to work with models who are willing to go outside of the box and embrace a new concept. Leslie and Jeena were the perfect subjects for this shoot, and their enthusiasm for the project was evident in every shot.

In the end, we came away with some stunning images that perfectly captured the 1970’s vibe we were going for. It was a pleasure working with Leslie and Jeena, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to create something truly special with them.

Thank You

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