Get Out There: Black Hills 2019

What an amazing trip in the month of May to The Black Hills of South Dakota. I was expecting some warmer temps and beautiful sunrises/sunsets as we all welcomed Spring into the area… that was not the case. My buddy Bryan (Raskal Photography) and I got to see it all from a weather standpoint. Intense, dense fog followed by ice showers and snow. Spring showed more as we took some long exposure near Spearfish Falls and Roughlock Falls. The clouds never left our ceiling the entire trip but photography is an opportunistic art and you have to make the very best of whatever conditions you are given. So, from long exposures to panoramic images, tilt-shift photography, and still images where visibility was incredibly limited, these were some of the highlights of the trip.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.