Sioux Falls Wedding Photography

I am a proud, Sioux Falls wedding photographer. I am humbled that you are considering me for your photography needs. The process is simple… Contact me, I’ll answer any questions you have, confirm availability, we’ll sign a contract together, collect a deposit, then I’ll take amazing care of you and your family on your wedding day!

Pricing and Booking

Wedding photography is $2,500. Includes all photos and print rights, and no limitation on hours. Photos are provided within 72 hours via a password-protected, online gallery. Schedule your day or setup a consultation by contacting me directly.

Wedding videography is $2,500. Schedule your day or setup a consultation by contacting me directly. For more information on videography and to see examples, please visit my Videography page.

Wedding photography AND wedding videography are services I provide simultaneously. Services being performed together is highly complimented for several reasons including; less of the couple’s time needed during the wedding day for capture, consistent look between photos and videos, and a great value price wise considering the individual prices of each service in the industry.

Engagement sessions are $300 and includes all photos and print rights along with a 24 to 72 hour turnaround time. Book a session!

Award Winning Quality and Service

I am very humbled and excited that Michael Woolheater Photography is considered to be one Sioux Falls’s best wedding photographers.

Sioux Falls Wedding Photographers

The Wedding Photography You Deserve

Special moments captured between the bride and groom occur throughout the day and whenever the opportunity presents. Many moments, locations, and photos are planned but some of the best are impromptu.

The First look

Often times one of the most memorable moments of the day, I work directly with the bride and groom to create the first look of their dreams. These moments are ones you will remember for a lifetime and you’ll have them carefully and creatively captured in photos.

Girls preparation

Important moments occur in the morning when the girls spend time preparing together for the big day ahead. Photography is greatly desired throughout the moment as the girls share special memories and photography shows all of the love and personality of the girls.

Guys Preparation

Not to be overshadowed by the girls, the guys have their moment in the morning or early afternoon where they are captured in photos preparing for the day. Often times appearing deep in thought and captured in a casual and relaxed manner.

All of the details

The detail photography is art created using decor and objects during your wedding. It occurs throughout the day but especially in the morning when opportunities are plentiful and the venue and other “props” are untouched.

The Wedding Party

These are the guys and/or girls you have asked to be by your side as you begin your married life. Family and friends in similar or matching attire that carry a smile often times as big as yours, the bride or groom. Capturing this group in a fun and unique way occurs throughout the day but also at planned times to allow for best lighting and spacing.

Celebrating Family

Generally taking place right before or right after the ceremony, getting photos of your family is so important on your wedding day. I help the bride and groom schedule this into the day and help create a list of those very important photos.

The Ceremony

Working through the audience, around the venue, and with the light provided – capturing the ceremony in photography will the bride and groom what the pinnacle of their day looked like from many different vantage points and provides you with photos you can review for the rest of your life.