Weddings and Engagements

Pricing: Please Inquire
Guaranteed Turn-Around Time: 0 to 72 hours via electronic link.
Time Commitment: Varies by Wedding
Travel: Very limited travel available, please inquire.

The value of quality wedding photos is hard to put into words. Quality, artistic photography means reliving the special day and sharing it with the world. My approach has always been casual, fun and incredibly organized. I like modern photography with a film like feel and moody tones. My goal is create something unique and beautiful for every occasion. I want your wedding photos to show the love and compassion that is embodied in every special bride and groom’s relationship while being a photojournalist and documenting the day, the timeline, the family, and the attendees.

Code:M Design offers a single wedding package that is ideal for every bride and groom. One price, no limitation on hours, all photos edited and provided, and a turn-around-time that is unheard of at 0 to 72 hours. Code:M Design is setting a new standard in turn-around-times and customer service.

I have been so lucky to be able to capture so many special memories for couples through engagement and wedding photography. I believe that each wedding and engagement session should be unique and beautiful.

I work one-on-one with my couples and their family to put together a timeline and locations that works for all of the other plans for the day. A strong, working relationship is important to the outcome.