Life is always in motion. While still image photography is the core business of Michael Woolheater Photography, I have taken a very serious and creative approach to videography. Starting with the best professional lenses, cameras, and audio devices to capture your moments. It is a fun and interesting challenge to blend the art of still image photography with videography.


Wedding Videography is $2,500. Schedule your day or setup a consultation by contacting me directly.

Wedding Photography AND Wedding Videography are often times performed simultaneously by Michael Woolheater Photography. Services being performed together is highly complimented for several reasons including; less of the couples time needed during the wedding day for capture, consistent look between photos and videos, and a great value price wise considering the individual prices of each service in the industry.

Real Estate Videography is quoted by project and dependent upon time, location, and volume requested.

All other project requests are priced individually. Videos are generally provided within 5 business days. Schedule by Contacting Me directly.

Wedding Videography

Thorough, beautiful, and emotion inducing. You will really enjoy seeing your wedding in creative video format. All Michael Woolheater Photography Wedding Videography services come with three videos. The first video is a summation of the entire day with clips alternating in a pleasing order and manner. The second video is a short summation of the day intended for sharing on social media. The third and final video is the full ceremony (toasts also optional). The full ceremony includes a beautiful intro as well as a short conclusion.

Wedding Videography Examples

Real Estate Videography Examples

Hobby Videography

This was one of the most unique hikes I’ve done thanks to the weather. It was inspiring to be in a mix of heavy fog and mist that collected as ice as you walked and it led to me making a short video to remember the feeling.
One of the more complete videos I have created came at the end of a trip to the Black Hills and Wyoming with Bryan Rask of Raskal Photography. Throughout the trip I took small video clips using my 5D Mark iii. I combined the video with unique, home-grown effects to create a fun summary of the trip.
What started off as a fun little photo session with my family at the park on a cloudy day, quickly became a playground for me and some hobby videography.
After coming back from a very exciting trip to Jamaica where still image photography was my only form of documentation, I practiced some parallax techniques in Adobe After Effects to create a fun and exciting video.
In anticipation for a return trip to Spearfish and the Black Hills for 2018, I practiced some more parallax effects in Final Cut Pro X.
In anticipation for a return trip to “West River” in South Dakota for 2019, I practiced some parallax effects – this time in Adobe After Effects.
On vacation in Annandale, MN (Lake Sylvia) and Hutchinson, MN (Boxelder Farms). Drone flight with minor edits and expressive transitions.

Event Videography

Habitat Sioux Falls celebrates their 30th anniversary in this Code:M Design production.
One of the more meaningful photography experiences I have had to date was at the 2018 PurpleStride. A 5k for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Code:M Design is a yearly sponsor and I wanted to make a video utilizing Final Cut Pro X that did some justice in helping capture the day and the importance of this event.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.