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Michael Woolheater Photography has been the exclusive photographer for The Paisley Pod since 2017. Both businesses have collaborated on weekly photo shoots, marketing, and social media campaigns since partnership.

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About the Paisley Pod

Excerpt from The Paisley Pod’s Website

Welcome to The Paisley Pod! The Paisley Pod is not only an online boutique, but also the first mobile boutique in the Brandon/Sioux Falls, SD area and now The Paisley Pod added a retail storefront!

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The Paisley Pod began with a dream of 3 crazy, fun loving sisters that also have a passion for fashion! The thought of opening a boutique sounded perfect, but we wanted to give ours a little “twist” to make it unique. So we decided to house our boutique in a truck, and thus The Paisley Pod was born! The Paisley Pod is now run solely by Chrystal, the “wisest” (aka oldest) of the 3 sisters. Of course Laura and Dani still help with the shopping! 😉

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Not only can you shop with The Pod online, in-store, or find us at local events, vendor shows, fundraisers and festivals, but we also bring our store right to your driveway! That’s right, for our local “Pod Fans” (those located within about a 30 mile radius of Brandon/Sioux Falls SD area), you can host your very own “Personal Pod Show”! We’ll bring the store right to your driveway where you and your friends can shop ’til you drop! As a thank you for hosting, you will receive store credit towards your purchases based on the sales of your show! Please send an e-mail to to inquire about hosting a show.

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About the Owner

“The Pod” is now owned and run by, Chrystal, but Laura, and Dani definitely play a huge part! They help Chrystal shop and pick out many of the cute, trendy, affordable clothes that you see on the website and in the truck. They also help in many ways that you may not see, you know, the sister way – they give Chrystal ideas, support, consult, and provide all of that sister love that you need when running a business or for life in general!

Chrystal is the oldest of the 3 sisters and has dreamed of owning and running her own business for FOREVER. She was the girl with the never ending lemonade stands in the summer, organizing carnivals in her backyard, and when she was in high school she even organized concerts on her family’s acreage and charged admission. She love clothes, she loves shopping, and she loves helping people feel amazing. So, what better way to do that than with a boutique!

On a more personal note – She is the wife to a great guy, Adam, who is a teacher and coach at Brandon Valley High School. She is also mom to 3 amazing little people that rule her roost, a girl and 2 boys. Rylan, Ryder, and Corbin are her heart and she loves them so much. She is now blessed to be a mompreneur and stay home with them while also running her dream business. For fun they love to go camping, Friday night movies and beach towel picnics, and they will never turn down a good dance party! She absolutely loves iced coffees and will drive a good distance just to get one, this may be called an addiction! She also likes wine and wine tasting (mostly because she gets to hang with her amazing girlfriends when doing so and this time is a rarity), Bunco nights (sounds old, but it is sooooo fun!), and she really loves reality TV – HGTV, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Kardashian’s, Teen Mom 2, Real Housewives of the OC, you get the idea! Other bad habits for her include, ice cream, Target, and shopping in general. She also loves yoga, a good morning workout, “self help” books, and of course spending time with her family. 

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

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