The Month of March and Trying New Things

The Month of March has been incredibly busy. Living in Sioux Falls we got to feel the temperatures change from devastatingly cold to bearable Spring temperatures. The air was so cold for so many days that we were able to see sun dogs and other very unique sun flares (pictured) because ice crystals were suspended in the sky! While the temperature was cold, the concert scene was HOT. I got to photograph some of the biggest stars in the world including KISS, Dierks Bentley, Dylan Scott, and Tyler Farr.

The Paisley Pod announced that they will be opening a retail store. How exciting for Chrystal, her family, and her team that help make the boutique what it is. I enjoy our weekly photo shoots and it really shows.

Also in March, I really focused on two areas where I felt my portfolio was weak and the opportunity for growth was available. Edgier, boudoir or lingerie shoots were something I wanted to show was a skill I had and then I realized that the talent on the other side of the lens is what really makes these shoots special. Speaking of having something very special on the other side of the lens, I focused a lot on maternity photos this month. While I still have a few more mommy-to-be shoots, I have really enjoyed taking these photos and sharing them.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.