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One of the most exciting things to happen to Code:M Design in the last few years is Studio 1912. I created and designed this photography studio and partnered with several of the area’s best and brightest on an impeccable studio for photography and videography. It also provides a great space to capture those important moments when the South Dakota weather doesn’t know it is photo day.

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Studio 1912 is a member only studio with a shared calendar. Memberships are available with a year long membership agreement at a price you wouldn’t believe for a professional photography studio. Members range from new and growing photographers to established and experienced photographers. It is a great place for all. For more information, Contact Me directly.

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In the News

Studio 1912 was recently featured on Keloland Living, a local news program in the Sioux Falls region. A special thank you to the Cutler Law Firm for the invitation to collaborate on this special program focusing on small business and partnership.

Studio 1912 (among a few other businesses of mine in the news).

Here and Now

Located at 104 North Krohn Place, Sioux Falls, South Dakota in a building that was first constructed in 1885 then extended in 1912, Studio 1912 is in a space that has essentially been untouched since its initial build. With multiple studio areas, significant natural light, and over 3800 square feet, it is one of South Dakota’s most impressive photography studios. Wall to wall lifestyle sets, rustic walls, and modern wall make this studio ideal for seniors, portraits, business photography, lingerie/boudoir, families, and everything in between.

Photos from the Studio

Thank you to everyone that has visited us in the studio. Below are a few pieces of work collected during our time in the studio. I do many family photo shoots that can be found under Families & Couples and a lot of Boudoir sessions in the studio.

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

Initial Construction

It only took a couple of meetings with the buildings owner to determine that this was the perfect space for something that had been a dream since my photography inception. Initial construction involved building some internal walls, adding a private bathroom, painting the ceilings and walls bright white to reflect as much lights as possible, and adding a reasonable amount of electrical. It did NOT involve touching any of the exterior walls or the floor and that was by design. The idea was to retain as much of the original building’s character as possible.

Total construction only took about 2 months and during that time we were able to assemble a close group of talented photographers to utilize the space. That is also when I began designing the use of the space with lifestyle settings, picking out furniture, and most importantly – picking out light fixtures that would make it unique and exceptional.

Ultimately the space ended up going from an idea on paper to inception in about two months!

Become a Member

Space is still available for new members at a very reasonable, monthly price – this is on a very limited basis. Contact me using the contact page to get more information on membership or to inquire about hourly or daily rates. Thank you for understanding!


Studio 1912
104 North Krohn Place, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103, United States

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Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.