Social Media


Social Media Platforms are typically the “lifeblood” for a photographer or designer. I find social media very rewarding because it allows me to easily and readily share my work. Photography is not nearly as rewarding without people to share it with and that is why I am so appreciate for every single person who makes that decision to click the “Like” or “Follow” button. It is really humbling to know that people care enough to make your page or your feed a part of their life. Thank you for everything you do for me and my family and I hope you will continue to view and support Michael Woolheater Photography on social media.


Facebook is where Michael Woolheater Photography became something special for me personally. It was initially started as a Facebook page so that I had a place to put my hobby photos and still share it with my closest friends and family members. As I started to get more and more serious about photography and what I wanted to accomplish, I started sharing my work more and it seemed like overnight that I went from a few hundreds followers to thousands. I say it a lot because I really mean it, I am so humbled by what people have made Michael Woolheater Photography and it is largely in part to them making the decision to follow my Facebook page. In doing so, you have supported and shared my business with your community.


I started making my work public on Instagram shortly after Facebook proved to be a successful way to market my business and photography. Instagram is a similar but different platform in that it attracts an audience that is nationwide and even worldwide versus the strong community presence that a Facebook page promotes. While the content is often times similar that I share to Facebook and Instagram, they are still different. To really be able to see everything Michael Woolheater Photography is involved in you will want to follow Instagram as well. Thank you so much for checking it out!

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.