Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT art has become incredibly popular over the last few years as cryptocurrencies extend their reach and become another route for artists, photographers, and videographers to sell their work. NFT art is truly unique, protected, and should be viewed as an investment.

NFTs by design are unique. NFTs from me have an interesting creation process that further establishes them as unique. The first element is hyperlocal. I am a Sioux Falls and South Dakota photographer – I love my city and my state. NFTs that I produce are created from photos or video captured locally. These local images are then run through fascinating artificial intelligence applications to process a neural style transfer. Two images are not only combined during this step but a new image entirely is generated that could never be generated again. Images are QHD images so they have terrific resolution and are something I am truly proud of. Consider purchasing an NFT, supporting my art, showing your love for Sioux Falls and South Dakota, and make an investment you will be proud of.

For Sale

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.