Modeling and Lingerie

Pricing: Please Inquire
Guaranteed Turn-Around Time: 0 to 72 hours via electronic link.
Time Commitment: Varies by Project

What really started off as hobby photo shoots has become a thriving part of what I do in photography. In addition to the rewarding collaboration between Code:M Design and The Paisley Pod boutique, Code:M Design will perform fashion photo shoots for any individual, group, or business in need. All projects from conservative to edgy are handled with world-class customer service and professionalism. All critical technical components are considered and performed to the highest standard.

Fashion, fitness, and fun is often times a category I’ve used to place photo shoots where the goal is to build a portfolio for the client or for myself. This category is also something I commonly refer to as street photography.

Fitness photography is a concept that is becoming more and more popular. People work so hard at home and at the gym on their bodies and it is a rewarding experience to have progress and results photographed.

If I’m not having fun and the people that I’m working with aren’t having fun then I am not doing my job!