You have spent hundreds, even thousands, of dollars planning a fantastic event. Don’t forget to capture it! With events ranging from small family or company gatherings to large concert and fundraiser combinations hosting 8,000+ people, Michael Woolheater Photography has quickly become one of the Sioux Falls area’s premier event photographers.

Pricing and Scheduling

$250 for the first hour and $150 for subsequent hour(s). Includes all photos and print rights. Photos are provided within 72 hours. Schedule by Contacting Me directly.

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The event that I am asked about most often is a fundraiser for our current governor, Governor Kristi Noem. I had the opportunity to photograph President Donald Trump privately and publicly as he took photos with guests and gave a crowd-inspiring speech. Michael Woolheater Photography was the only private photographer in South Dakota allowed at the event. It was a true honor to be in the presence of our president and represent photography in South Dakota.

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

Events are diverse and can vary from small gatherings and celebrations to large fundraisers, company functions, or parties. Far too often the importance of photography at events is overlooked.

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

Make those memories and moments last a lifetime. Photography of meaningful events is great marketing materials for any business.

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

For every event I cover, I have a very specific and proprietary method for capturing the setup, the moment, the speakers, the guests, and all the other moving pieces of the event. I’ve been asked, what is the most difficult part of event photography and the answer is watching people and knowing when the best opportunities will present. It is by reading people near and far that a photographer can catch a guest or a speaker at just the right moment to make a person appear photogenic, natural, and comfortable.

My Work (More Available on Facebook and Instagram)

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Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.