Michael Woolheater Photography

Michael Woolheater Photography (previously known as Code:M Design) specializes in photography for families, events, couples, engagements, weddings, concerts, and commercial photography. Created in July 2017, I focus on creativity and exceptional customer service in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the surrounding communities.

Why You Should Choose Me

I started out in photography with a promise: to always see things from my client’s perspective. This led me to focus on three areas: Price, Delivery, and Look. Collectively, I call these the “new photography standards” – a modern and customer friendly way of doing photography. My pricing is transparent and fair for both clients AND business. I guarantee a turn-around-time of 72 hours and provide all edited photos via an electronic link. And I want every session to feel unique to the subject. These are the things that I wanted as a customer, and now things I promise to deliver to you. 


1. Provide exceptional quality & unique photos.
2. Offer the best turn-around-times in the industry.
3. Provide a professional & personalized relationship with all of my clients.
4. Support non-profits & my local community.

About Me

My name is Michael Woolheater and I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My daughter, Tenley, was born in 2013 and my son, Talon, was born in 2015..

I carry 15+ years of professional experience in healthcare with me and use that experience to help my clients. I have experience as a Scientist, IT Systems Analyst, Oncology Clinic Manager, Laboratory Connectivity Services Supervisor, and most recently as a Project Manager in research.

I am the owner of a thriving, family-owned landscaping company, Concrete Contours. My father, Denny Woolheater, is a co-owner in this business and we both touch every project our business conducts.

Finally, I am the owner of Studio 1912, the best photography studio in South Dakota.


Photography has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It started with a passion to photograph my family as it grew. That quickly became a desire to help others capture their special memories. My business and I quickly became one of the area’s premier concert, wedding, family, maternity, and events photographers.

Two of my favorite quotes and ones that I apply to everything I do in business are; “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care” and “All we have at the end of the day is how we have treated others”.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting and and taking the time to view my work. Photography is not nearly as much fun without people to share it with.